DigiPan Asset Management

Organize, track and manage your tax lien certificates in one purpose-built application.

Managing a large portfolio of tax liens in Excel can be a tedious and disorganized mess. With the DigiPan Asset Management System, that pain is a thing of the past. Easily load Assets (tax liens, tax deed applications, list of lands and real estate owned) and get instant Audit verification.

Our system will continuously monitor your data and notify you of discrepancies and missing information and suggest corrections. Dive deep into the details, or update your portfolio in bulk. Never let another certificate expire with custom proactive reminders. Instantly post unwanted inventory for sale on the country’s most active secondary market. It’s everything you need to make the most of your tax lien investment strategy.

Built exclusively to manage the full lifecycle of distressed real estate assets, DigiPan’s Asset Management platform is simply the easiest way to manage your tax lien portfolio. Forget building complex spreadsheets and constantly updating data by hand; we connect you to the most comprehensive and current tax lien and property information available and let you use it effortlessly.

  • Easily Manage Your Assets

    Distressed real estate assets can be instantly loaded into DigiPan Asset Management, with all historical data and current data automatically appended.

  • Constantly Audited Portfolio

    With our verification service, the platform will compare your data (including redemption, statuses, ownership and more) against the county’s database, ensuring your portfolio is accurate and up to date. *Additional purchase necessary.

  • Connect to Our Secondary Market

    Have extra certificates, or own certificates that don’t fit your overarching strategy? Put them up for sale on the secondary market in seconds.

  • See More with Mapping

    Visualize your portfolio and take advantage of our proprietary Mapping features.


    Lifecycle view analyzes your strategy and delivers critical data, from purchase to ROI.


    Don't have time to manage a large portfolio? We can update your data instantly for pennies per certificate.


    Securely store and access your certificate portfolio anywhere with our next-generation cloud environment. Forget passing around spreadsheets.


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