Integrated, Next-Generation Parcel Mapping

Exclusive to our DigiPan due diligence platform, DigiMap lets investors instantly access and use interactive maps of one or many parcels. There’s no need to leave the data tool for Google Maps, Bing Maps or Zillow; DigiMap brings them (and GIS) directly into DigiPan. Measure distances, eyeball properties, see relationships, instantly export results – get everything you need about current and potential assets, in a single view.

  • Fully Integrated Mapping

    Forget multiple browser windows and jumping between applications. DigiMap brings GIS, Google Maps, Bing Maps and Zillow to your data.


    Map any parcel in the U.S. by parcel ID, APN or address, or simply click a link within DigiPan.


    Need to be absolutely sure? DigiMap lets you see multiple map engines’ views of a parcel in a single view, along with timestamps.


    Instantly export results to a spreadsheet for later analysis, or save your generated data directly within the DigiPan platform.

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