The second-most populous county in Florida with roughly 1.9 million residents, Broward County covers 1,323 square miles near the southeast corner of the state. Established in 1915, it includes more than two dozen cities, towns and villages, including Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach and Coral Springs. Broward County is part of the Miami metropolitan area.

Tax Certificate Sale Information

May 25, 2017

County Website

Broward County's 2017 tax lien auction was held in May. A total of 24,938 certificates with a face value just over $100 million were available for research on the DigiPan platform.


  • Broward County is among the most popular for Florida tax lien investors due to its population, accessible size and the number of available certificates.

  • Broward County typically releases certificate data the first or second week of May. It is available in DigiPan within two days of release each year.

  • The Broward County tax certificate sale is held online. It is accessed at https://www.bidbroward.com/.

  • The registration deadline to bid on Broward tax certificates is typically in mid-May.

  • Broward County tax certificate sale FAQs can be found at http://www.broward.org/RecordsTaxesTreasury/FrequentlyAskedQuestions/Pages/TaxCertificateSale.aspx.

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