Case Study: How Lumentum Helped Kite Tax Lien Capital Turn $2M in Investments into $50M

Case Study: How Lumentum Helped Kite Tax Lien Capital Turn $2M in Investments into $50M

February 14, 2018 | By Edgar

Lumentum, LLC, the leading provider of aggregated, normalized tax lien certificate data for institutional investors, has released a new case study that illustrates how Kite Tax Lien Capital, a tax lien investment company went from $2M in tax lien investments to $50M in investments after adopting Lumentum’s platform.

Since tapping into the Lumentum solution, Kelly P. Kite, Jr., managing partner, Kite Tax Lien Capital, has saved countless hours and costs associated with managing the time and resources of collecting tax lien data that would normally need to be done by hand, resulting in time better spent making actual investments – and a burgeoning bottom line.

“If we had to rely on making phone calls and keeping in touch with funds and researching the market and where to invest, we would never be able to meet our goals,” Kite said. “The amount of time [Lumentum] saves us is tremendous. In this business information is everything. The better information you have, the better decisions you can make. I don’t see how you could have a tax lien business without a company like Lumentum.”

Read more about how Lumentum grew from a $2M company to a $50M company here.

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