Lumentum Launches New DigiPan Asset Management System AMP 2.0

Introducing New DigiPan Asset Management System AMP 2.0

October 11, 2021 | By Edgar

Lumentum LLC, the leading provider of aggregated, normalized tax lien certificate data for institutional investors, today announced the launch of the new Multi-State DigiPan Asset Management System 2.0.

Press Release

Lumentum LLC, the leading provider of aggregated, tax lien certificate data for institutional investors, today announced the launch of a completely redesigned version of their DigiPan Asset Management System 2.0 (AMP) – a full service online Tax Lien servicing platform.

Built exclusively to manage the full lifecycle of distressed real estate assets, DigiPan Asset Management System organizes, tracks, and allows you to service tax lien certificates all in a centralized location. DigiPan Asset Management connects investors with the most comprehensive and current tax lien and property information for effortless use.

This new release was designed to manage assets across 21 States, with calculation and management rules setup for each jurisdiction. Lumentum has worked with industry experts including investors and Government officials to provide the most accurate, up to date calculations and rules for every jurisdiction.

Here are some of the new features:

  • One single platform for due diligence, management, and trading of assets
  • Completely redesigned Ledger System
  • Redemption wizard to simplify data entry
  • Bank / Payment Reconciliation
  • Closed period management
  • Payment Plan management including out of the box integrated payment portal
  • New task management system with Stage specific workflows and task creations
  • Robust auditing and lender reporting
  • Intuitive Certificate management geared towards custodian services
  • Ability to integrate with third parties service providers via API
  • Seamlessly list assets for sale on our public marketplace
  • Faster and more efficient activity processing

In order to build AMP 2.0, Lumentum leveraged the know-how from top investors in the industry. This cooperation made AMP 2.0 the most advanced, all-in-one tax lien servicing platform in the market, approved by institutional lenders.

“We’re excited to introduce this latest version of DigiPan Asset Management System to our existing users, as well as the rest of the tax lien industry,” said David Rodriguez, Vice President of Software Development. “This new release is the product of years of experience and incredible cooperation from some of the top minds in the tax lien industry. I personally love how the platform feels uniform across all states while still feeling as if it was tailor made for each jurisdiction. Even complex states such as New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York are handled as easily as Florida. Everything from redemption processing, underwriting, reconciliation and auditing have been enhanced to maximize productivity. However, we are not done.  We continue to release new features and functionality to ensure we can offer our users the best management system in the industry.”

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