Lumentum Launches New DigiPan Asset Management System

March 27, 2018 | By Edgar Botero

Lumentum LLC, the leading provider of aggregated, normalized tax lien certificate data for institutional investors, today announced the launch of the DigiPan Asset Management System.

Built exclusively to manage the full lifecycle of distressed real estate assets, DigiPan Asset Management System organizes, tracks, and operates tax lien certificates all in a centralized location. Simultaneously, DigiPan Asset Management connects investors with the most comprehensive and current tax lien and property information for effortless use.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our DigiPan Asset Management System to our existing users, as well as the rest of the tax lien industry,” said A.J. Koontz, Vice President of Sales. “This single, purpose-built application is the easiest way to manage tax lien portfolios. Its effortless up-to-date certificate information exceeds our goal of reducing time and labor, allowing investors to maximize time on what’s most important to them – making actual investments.”

DigiPan Asset Management System provides:

  • Easy access to owned certificates for at-a-glance portfolio management;
  • Connection to the secondary market, allowing unwanted inventory to be posted for sale instantly;
  • The ability to set proactive reminders, avoiding expired certificates;
  • Powerful analytics with a lifecycle view that evaluates strategy and provides critical data from purchase to ROI;
  • Instantly loaded certificates with full historical data;
  • The ability to update portfolios in bulk;
  • Summary page with a top line view of invested assets and available funds;
  • Continuous data monitoring with notifications of discrepancies, missing information, and suggested corrections.

To learn more about Lumentum, LLC and DigiPan Asset Management System, click here.

About Lumentum, LLC

Lumentum, LLC is on the cutting edge of the digital revolution in tax lien investing. Developed by expert investors with over 20 years of experience, the breakthrough, proprietary platform and unmatched database access dramatically reduce due diligence time for Florida tax liens to make lightning-fast, accurate decisions based on their individual investment criteria.

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